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Interview With An Artist: Meet Suzanne Conner

A few weeks ago, we hosted an art show at the store featuring the work of local artists. We stole a few minutes with painter Suzanne Conner, a longtime Tallahasseean, to talk about her work, her process, and what inspires her:

How long have you been painting?


I’ve been painting about three years. I started painting for grief therapy; it’s been part of a healing process for me. I teach classes on creativity, I go to a lot of art shows, and I do a lot of commission work. I love every minute of it.

What media do you work in?

Acrylic, usually on board. I use all kinds of finishes and gels to enhance and add texture. I paint angels, mermaids, nature, things like that.

Where do you paint?

I bought my mom’s house, and the room that I paint in is my old childhood room.

What inspires you?

I teach Sunday School to 2- and 3-year-olds and I am always inspired by the children. I’m also inspired by creation and being outside. Lately I’ve been learning a lot about trust; I quit my job in November and am now a full-time artist. At some point we just need to give it all to God and know that He is in control. And I have to give God the glory for it all.

To learn more about Suzanne and her work, visit suzanneconnerart.com or fireflyevenings.com.  To see some of her paintings in person, stop by Bedfellows, 1495 Market Street, Tallahassee, FL. 

Fresh smelling towels for summer…

Summer is officially upon us and here in sunny Florida the humidity is sweltering already. towelsfresh towelsbedfellows is a shop full of beautiful, quality linens and – as our customers say, “we love the smell”. Yes, bedfellows smells great from the moment you enter the front door.

This week we’re focusing on towels and getting you ready for this summer season! Wet towels don’t smell good, and their lingering odors are not pleasant and can be easily eliminated.

Everyone uses a boat load of towels throughout the summer and we want you to be ready! Whether by the pool or down at the coast, wet towels get thrown in a pile and the smell can be a bit daunting. Traditionally, even after the laundry – that disgusting odor lingers.

Let us fix that for you and make summertime laundry a breeze… or at least smell like a breeze!

  1. Choose from our wide selection of colorful towels;  HomeSource micro-cotton quick-drying prevents those unpleasant smells.
  2. Machine wash towels in our Towel Wash and you’ll enjoy that fresh smell all summer long.
  3. Choose from several sizes to suit your family needs.

Bath 27 x 54
Hand 16 x 30
Wash 13 x 13
Body Sheet 34 x 70
Shower Towel 30 x 60
Shower Towel 30 x 60

  1. Add a monogram and get ready for the water!


Home-Source-Bamboo-Cotton-Towels homesource_logo2

 1560 thCACD9ET0

logo blue1495 Market St., Tallahassee, FL 32312 850-893-1713

there’s an app for table linens?

Bedfellows is pleased to be Tallahassee’s exclusive source for Sferra Linens. In 1891, Gennaro Sferra set the highest standard for luxury linens when he opened his SFERRA Fine Linens operation in Venice, Italy. Today, they are a leader in the luxury linens industry.


The ‘Festival’ table linen program is available in an unbelievably affordable 101 hemstitched colors. There’s even a free Sferra app that will custom match any dinnerware pattern to the ‘Festival’ color palette.

The Linen Colors by SFERRA app, (watch) ->as featured on Martha Stewart, allows you to set your table with ease. Simply capture a picture of your dinnerware and select the color you wish to match, and the SFERRA app will recommend the perfect match from our vast Festival collection of 101 colors. Available in Placemats, Dinner, and cocktail napkins and select colors available in tablecloths. Custom tablecloth orders are welcome in all sizes and colors.

Sferra for blog 3The secret of SFERRA’s enduring reputation is simple: only the finest materials are used in creating anything that carries the SFERRA name. And that reputation has followed our linens into the White House, the Vatican and homes of many celebrities.

Sferra for blog 5

Sferra for blog 4Sferra for blog 2

Sferra for blog 1

Printed menu cards with a scallop motif are tucked into the folds of Sferra’s “Festival” linen hemstich napkins in rose. Sprigs of thyme add an organic touch. Solid placemats in lilac are also from Sferra. (below)

fling open the windows and…

grab your feather duster; let’s get to spring cleaning!

We’ll, we may not take to it like our grandmother’s did, but there is nothing better than fresh smelling – good feeling linens. LINEN WASH and the Laundress are amazing products that not only clean well and freshen your fine linens, but are good for the environment and smell so good.

as you know, bedfellows is all about the smell!


Here are a few laundry tips from Linen Wash

  • wash your new sheets in cold water before putting them on the bedDO wash them with a gentle, non-bleaching soap. We recommend Le Blanc® Linen Wash®
  • dilute your detergent in the water before putting any fabric in the washer. Never apply any detergent directly to fabrics while still dry.
  • dry your sheets on air fluff, permanent press or the low temperature setting. High heat cooks the yarn causing the fabric to shrink and loose it natural softness.
  • remove sheets promptly from the washer and dryer, smooth them out, and fold to reduce wrinkling.
    You may also enjoy other products that we stock regularly for the best care of your linens.

thCAI1PVE2  linenwash-free linenwash-childrens linenwash-blue leblancsilklingeriewash160xh

We recommend the use of TOWEL WASH for all your towels.

    homesource_towels   thCACD9ET0   Home-Source-Bamboo-Cotton-Towels

Laundry Tips

  • Home laundering is recommended for almost all household linens. Only dry clean when indicated on the label.
  • We encourage the use of white towels or pillow cases for those of you who use any oxidizing lotions and or acne products.
  • Linen softens and wrinkles less as it ages.
  • Washing in warm water, over drying, and poor -quality dyes are common reasons for the loss of color in fabrics.
  • Fresh stains are the easiest to remove. Heat permanently sets stains, so make sure they are completely gone before placing in a dryer.

Laundress Products Include:

babyDetergent ffclassic signatureDetergent Wool&Cashmere

while we have shared links to the websites of these products for information purposes, we respectfully request that you shop locally. bedfellows is conveniently located in Tallahassee’s Market District at 1495 market st. we welcome your calls or email as well – 850-893-1713 or bedfellows@bedfellowsgallery.com


a parade of lamps in stock now!

Just in case you’re wondering how interior designers do it, we discovered a little drawing that will make your bedside table beautiful and functional. Use these suggestions to design your own bedside table.

2013-03-06 05.55.49

(1) ART- we recommend the works of local artists when practical. Consider the size and scale of the pieces you choose. Make sure the subject is something you love.

(2) FLORALS – something floral will soften the look of the overall room by evoking that relaxing oasis and warm space you desire. Elevate with books if necessary to create that multi-level aspect which is pleasing to the eye.

(3) LAMPS – Choose a lamp that works with your wall covering and bedding; a style that does not compete, but one that makes a statement allows the table to become a complete element in the room.

lamp 1

We have just unpacked a large shipment of stylish and unique lamps. Here is a small gallery of what we have in stock now, but you’ll want to come in and take a closer look. Whether it’s the coast house, the plantation or the traditional family home, we have something perfect for you at bedfellows. 1495 market st. in tallahassee.

 lamp 3  lamp sherise buffet lamp lamp

    2013-02-21 11.37.15 2013-02-21 11.43.31 2013-02-21 11.43.55

2013-02-21 11.44.09  2013-02-21 11.46.13 2013-02-21 11.34.03


we’re hosting our spring cinda b trunk show beginning Wednesday, March 6th through Saturday, March 9th. the sales representative will be on hand Thursday to answer any questions and assist in your selection.  receive a

FREE gift with purchase of $50 or more of cinda b product.

Call ahead 850-893-1713 and reserve your favorite selections.


cinda b and erin travel to the big apple!

In planning our bedfellows blog, we thought perhaps that it might be appropriate to highlight some of our employees so that you will know us just a little better . Over the years of working together, bonds are formed and friendships made that last a lifetime. So today – Erin is in the spotlight! We all cherish our local gal and the sunshine she brings to each work day.

NYC erin and the gals
Erin came to bedfellows in 2011, shortly after the move to Market St. Her flexible part-time availability as an FSU student and good attitude are such a blessing at the store; we can’t say how thankful we are for her willingness to jump right in when needed. Her girl-next-door personality welcomes the customers and her knowledge of our fine linens and gifts is amazing. Many of you have found her your favorite go-to person for gifts; afterall, she is the absolute BEST giftwrapper ever!

When we asked Erin to choose just one favorite product that we feature, her fave – hands down is cinda b.  The company offers a line of handbags, totes, travel bags and accessories, all custom-designed in fashion-forward color schemes, patterns and silhouettes – Made in the USA.

Erin always wears the latest trends in high fashion and knows current designers, so the classic travel bags were a gift to self!

                                           9-12 cinda CINDA-B-USA-LOGO_small

On a recent “big girls trip”  to NEW YORK with her sister and a couple of other friends, Erin’s new Carry-on Rolly and Super Tote in mod tortoise were the perfect selection for her fabulous trip. The tortoise shells and the tortoise pattern is a timeless design with a universal appeal.

We had to chuckle when we saw these staged images of Erin mimicking a cinda b ad slick! Perfect! She actually brings more life to the ad than the professional. Can’t you just see the dedication? ….well maybe!

NYC erin  NYC erin 1  9-12 cinda travel

…on the subway, the girls met a few new friends… discovered LOVE! …and found FREEDOM! apparently


But when it was time to come home and get back to work, Erin said, “WHAT? it’s over already?”

NYC what

Be sure to stop in soon and say hello to Erin, ask her about her NYC trip and let her wrap up a little something beautiful from bedfellows. 1495 Market St., next to Nic’s Toggery in The Market District. Give us a call if you have any questions…850-893-1713. We’d love to have you LIKE our Facebook page and sign up for email updates there as well. Follow us on Twitter @bedfellows and @cinda_b