Pillow Talk: An Interview With The Pillow Bar’s Peggy McCormick

peggy-with-pillowsWe were thrilled to welcome Peggy McCormick of The Pillow Bar, the country’s leading maker of customized down-only pillows, to the store for a special Lunch & Learn on March 27. We took a few minutes to ask her some of our burning questions about (what else?) sleep:

What are the most common sleep disturbances people suffer from?

Most of the time it’s that they can’t get comfortable because they are sleeping on the wrong pillow. Also, many people—especially women—get too hot.

How do you customize your pillows to eliminate sleep problems?

We customize pillows to the way people sleep, and also to their frame size (which refers to the width of their shoulders, not their weight). We offer fills in soft, medium, and firm. If you’re a front sleeper, you need a soft pillow. If you’re a back sleeper, you need a medium pillow, with not too much lift. In an ideal world, everyone would be a back sleeper; it’s the most natural position for spinal alignment and arm positioning.

Which kind of pillow is most popular?

Our side sleeper pillow is our biggest seller—80 percent of Americans sleep on their side.

Pillow Bar pillows are filled with only clean, high-quality European down. What’s so special about down?

It’s a very giving medium; it goes with your body. It’s also all-natural—it contains no formaldehyde or allergens like you’ll find in synthetic fillers. Often when people hear “down” they think of goose feathers, but down actually comes from the front of the goose, not the feathers.

Any tips for creating a restful sleep space?

Keep your bedroom cool. Try to sleep in fabrics that breathe, like cotton (that includes both bed linens and pajamas). Keep the environment calm—no TV or electronics right before bed.