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Frettethink the ultimate in hospitality. Frette is a leading provider of luxury linens to the finest hotels and homes worldwide. From the inception of the company in 1860, established by Jean Baptiste Edmond Frette, Alexandre Payre and Charles Chaboud, their presence has grown worldwide. Frette enters 153 years of unforgettable patterns, textures, fabrics and jacquards.
They continue to maintain their trademark quality while showing style and comfort to the clientele.



Matouk Luxury Linens – In 1929, John Matouk founded a company whose mission was to give American homemakers ready access to the world’s finest, most luxurious linens. Over the past seventy years, the Matouk name has become synonymous with the founder’s uncompromising values: his insistence on the finest quality as well as his passion for luxury. As American lifestyles and tastes evolved, Matouk diversified into, first, bed linens and, later, linens and accessories for the bath. At the same time, they extended their lines to encompass contemporary as well as traditional styles.



Peacock Alley – Founded in 1973, by Mary Ella Gabler, Peacock Alley has a long tradition of making the bedroom a place that speaks comfort, peace and happiness with our luxury bedding products. Credited with establishing the luxury linen market in the United States, Gabler predicted the bedroom would become a multipurpose space for living, working, relaxing and sleeping.



Pine Cone Hill -Pine Cone Hill’s fresh, fun home textiles have been making waves in the home design industry since 1994, when Annie started the business with an industrial sewing machine on her dining room table. From the very beginning, Annie’s Pine Cone Hill creations have consistently wowed the home décor industry. Each month, her innovative designs and interiors are splashed liberally throughout the pages of top shelter magazines.



Sferra -in the world of luxury linens, Sferra is unique in focusing on four key elements to create the best quality: fabric wieght, fibers used, the proper finish and, most importantly, the feel of the finished cloth. Luxury bedding can be a significant investment and Sferra wants to make sure customers have all the information they need to make the right decision.



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Rick Oppenheim: If you’re referring to the Lycella, you are under-selling — it will not just “make a difference,” it will change your life. Wife got me one for my birthday in January, I got her one for Valentine’s Day. Sleep has become blissful. These pillows are expensive, but worth every nickel – and more. I highly recommend.

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