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Picture 069Suzanne Conner studied Interior Design and Fine Arts in college and has worked with beautiful decorative fabrics for the past 23 years as a decorator. She loves all things beautiful… and is a follower of Jesus Christ. Suzanne’s interestes include painting, sewing, quilting, cooking, baking and interior design. See more of Suzanne’s works and read her blog at

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Living well Joanna Francis Joanna Francis, now 48 was initially diagnosed in 2005 with stage III breast cancer. It was a difficult road to recovery after surger. In 2008, she was re-diagnosed when the cancer metastasis to her skeletal system. The challenges of ongoing treatment and testing took a toll on her career. Joanna observed and interacted with other patients and began to realize that her difficulty with life management was a universal problem. She became focused on the idea of making a change in the patient experience and co-founded JOANNA FRANCIS LIVING WELL. Joanna’s art is whimsical on reclaimed wooden blocks, painted upon and tied with ribbon.

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Fall2012_SP_037Wm. Lamb & Son translates the original artwork of artist William Lamb, reflecting the lifestyle of a simpler time, into fine quality products for you and your home.

Wm’s twenty-year passion, aside from his family, is painting and drawing. Completely self-taught in the mediums of oil, acrylic, watercolor, pen, and pencil, his new focus lies in offering superior quality wares and custom design work to his customers.

Wm’s designs are influenced by a time long past, of slower days when people took time to enjoy life. Wm. Lamb & Son, a family-owned company, is not selling a product, but rather asking you to embrace a lifestyle, a lifestyle you will love. The three components of Wm. Lamb & Son are Outfitters, Home, and Fine Art, each line complementing the other to create a treasured, timeless, and simple lifestyle.
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bedfellows is a specialty shop and selections may vary. Feel free to contact staff at 850-893-1713 or Visit the shop at 1495 Market St., Tallahassee, FL in The Market District.