Why Use Linen Wash?

Le Blanc linen washWe recommend laundering fine linen in cold water with a gentle yet effective linen wash, like Le Blanc. Why? Ordinary laundry detergents contain harsh ingredients that can make fabrics pill or fade. A few tips for laundering fine linen:

– Always dilute your linen wash in the water before adding your linen. Never apply soap or detergent directly to dry linen, even when spot treating.

– Don’t overload the washing machine.

– Dry on a low temperature setting. Expect natural fibers (such as Egyptian cotton) to shrink about 3-5%.

– Remove linen from the dryer promptly (preferably while still slightly damp). Smooth and fold, or steam iron on the hot/warm setting on the reverse side of the fabric.

– Give your washing machine and iron a monthly vinegar bath to keep them clean and working properly.

– Before going to bed, remove makeup or skin care products with oxidizing agents, which can discolor the fabric. If you wear these products while sleeping, we recommend using white pillowcases (towels, too).

Tips courtesy of Le Blanc and Peacock Alley.

This entry was posted on February 24, 2014, in Linen Wash.