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cinda b and erin travel to the big apple!

In planning our bedfellows blog, we thought perhaps that it might be appropriate to highlight some of our employees so that you will know us just a little better . Over the years of working together, bonds are formed and friendships made that last a lifetime. So today – Erin is in the spotlight! We all cherish our local gal and the sunshine she brings to each work day.

NYC erin and the gals
Erin came to bedfellows in 2011, shortly after the move to Market St. Her flexible part-time availability as an FSU student and good attitude are such a blessing at the store; we can’t say how thankful we are for her willingness to jump right in when needed. Her girl-next-door personality welcomes the customers and her knowledge of our fine linens and gifts is amazing. Many of you have found her your favorite go-to person for gifts; afterall, she is the absolute BEST giftwrapper ever!

When we asked Erin to choose just one favorite product that we feature, her fave – hands down is cinda b.  The company offers a line of handbags, totes, travel bags and accessories, all custom-designed in fashion-forward color schemes, patterns and silhouettes – Made in the USA.

Erin always wears the latest trends in high fashion and knows current designers, so the classic travel bags were a gift to self!

                                           9-12 cinda CINDA-B-USA-LOGO_small

On a recent “big girls trip”  to NEW YORK with her sister and a couple of other friends, Erin’s new Carry-on Rolly and Super Tote in mod tortoise were the perfect selection for her fabulous trip. The tortoise shells and the tortoise pattern is a timeless design with a universal appeal.

We had to chuckle when we saw these staged images of Erin mimicking a cinda b ad slick! Perfect! She actually brings more life to the ad than the professional. Can’t you just see the dedication? ….well maybe!

NYC erin  NYC erin 1  9-12 cinda travel

…on the subway, the girls met a few new friends… discovered LOVE! …and found FREEDOM! apparently


But when it was time to come home and get back to work, Erin said, “WHAT? it’s over already?”

NYC what

Be sure to stop in soon and say hello to Erin, ask her about her NYC trip and let her wrap up a little something beautiful from bedfellows. 1495 Market St., next to Nic’s Toggery in The Market District. Give us a call if you have any questions…850-893-1713. We’d love to have you LIKE our Facebook page and sign up for email updates there as well. Follow us on Twitter @bedfellows and @cinda_b